Saturday, September 5, 2015

All About Me 2015!

We've been working on learning names and the names of areas in our classroom.  To go along with that, we're doing an "All About Me" theme.  We sent home a gallon-sized bag with a note on it asking for a baby picture, family picture, favorite toy, favorite book, and favorite snack to share with the class.  We also included an All About Me page for them to fill out with things like their favorite color, what they want to be when they grow up, and one thing they don't like!  We had so much fun having each sweetie share their bag with the class.

Over the last few weeks we've been introducing the concept of book making.  We've been showing the kids that they can be authors and illustrators.  We read a few books to them and pointed out some of the choices the author/illustrator made.  They are loving it and remembering what their book was about!

As part of our "All About Me" theme, we measured each sweetie and then made a chart showing their height.  It's being used on a bulletin board and I'll show you what it looks like when we get it finished!

We also used the Dot-Art markers to write their names.  We wrote their name in different colors and then they had to match it to the corresponding color of Dot-Art marker.  They did an awesome job!

During small groups we matched popsicle sticks to the pattern on the paper.  They love this activity!

The afternoon class also started with journals this week.  Once a week they'll have the opportunity to draw or write in their journals.  They can write/draw about anything they choose.  Some of the cuties loved it and others needed a little encouragement!

After table time, they can look at books until we're ready for circle.  Look at all these sweeties reading and making good choices!  Such a great class!

This sweet girl had a birthday last week!  

Our year is off to an amazing start!  I can't wait to see how much progress they make this year!

Have a fun Labor Day weekend!
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Beginning of the year 2015-16!

Our school year is off to a great start!  We have a wonderful group of kids and good parent support and involvement.  Could you ask for anything more?!

Here's our great group of kids on the first day!

We're doing small groups again this year.  We combine with Ms. Suzanne's class and divide into three groups.  Ms. Leisa read back to school stories in her group.

We beaded necklaces with a tag that said, "I had fun on my first day of Pre-K!"

In Ms. Lynn's group they played with table toys and puzzles.

We also played with Play-Doh during small groups the first week.

Two days a week we're using iPads during small groups.

Last week we made self-portraits.  Each cutie was given a circle to draw their face on.  We let them look in mirrors so that they could see the color of their eyes.  

Then we glued them onto paper, the kids cut brown paper for hair, and glued it on.  We're going to put them up on the bulletin board and then I'll show you the finished product!

These handsome fellas had birthdays in August before school started, so we celebrated on the first day of school!

I'll show you more about what we've done since school started later today!

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